While the number of infections and deaths caused by COVID-19 has been well documented, the pandemic’s effect on mental health is still being measured. Clinicians who treat patients suffering from mental and behavioral health challenges have few tools at their disposal to meet remotely or monitor between clinical visits.

The remote mental health monitoring startup Rose began with just this problem in mind. Since late summer, Rose has seen a 2,000% growth in revenue and users, according to founder Kavi Misri. …

The Johns Hopkins medical software accelerator program, Hexcite, empowers clinicians with the resources they need to bring entrepreneurialism to their workspace. Healthcare workers often face unique challenges that vary from clinic to clinic, making the ‘one size fits all’ approach unsuccessful when it comes to digital health solutions.

Johns Hopkins clinicians come to Hexcite with a medical software idea that has the potential to impact patient care in positive way — and doesn’t currently exist in the digital health market. …

Dr. Phillip Pierorazio, Associate Professor of Urology and Oncology for the Brady Urological Institute, says there are 10–15% of kidney cancer patients who choose monitoring over immediate surgical intervention.

He hopes to raise this number by showing patients who are eligible for active surveillance — or clinical monitoring provided to patients with low grade cancers that are not likely to spread — the application he developed with the Technology Innovation Center: Kidney Active Care.

“The mortality was staying the same and we were potentially doing harm by performing more surgeries,” says Pierorazio.

Over 10 years ago, Johns Hopkins Hospital implemented…

“Medical students have an easier time discussing emotionally charged topics when they are approached on a slant, not directly,” says Dr. Margaret (Meg) Chisolm, Professor and Vice Chair for Education at the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

As an educator, Chisolm sees a hyper-focus on disease processes, leaving the human experience side of medicine out of balance.

In 2018, Chisolm partnered with colleague Dr. Susan Lehmann, Director of the Johns Hopkins Geriatric Psychiatry Day Hospital Program to conceptualize an app that would aid clinicians in facilitated reflection with patients through art.

Requirements gathering for the solution brought…

How do providers view health information about patients that were previously seen at other hospitals?

For clinicians in Maryland, DC, and West Virginia, an application embedded as a narrow window in the medical record allows them to scroll through clinical notes, labs, imaging, medications, and more from care providers external to their networks.

In 2019, the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) design team collaborated with Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP), the health information exchange that manages this app, to maximize utility and reevaluate the user experience from the providers’ point of view.

Mike Banfield, who leads development and…

Johns Hopkins Medicine has contributed much to the practice of medicine over the last century. Recently, medicine’s transformation has accelerated to center on individuals, their wellness, and their health journey. This journey is intertwined with new technologies. In the five years since the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) was created, the center has served as catalyst, convener and crucible, helping to define this future by bringing new information technology into the clinical setting while protecting patient privacy and ensuring patient safety.

Fueled by strategic collaborations internally, locally, and nationally, we’ve trained and connected thousands of innovators, and added value to hundreds…

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