The TIC engages over a thousand users to give the Johns Hopkins web portal a user-centric, modern makeover

Developed and maintained by the Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center (TIC), myJH is a web portal for Johns Hopkins online tools and resources. An average of 45,000 Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, and students come to the myJH portal website daily to access email, HR tools, cloud services, and other applications…

Patient Insight is a patient data visualization portal designed and developed by the Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center (TIC) to improve clinical care experience.

Clinicians use the Patient Insight application to observe patients’ health status over time and better understand their progress. Accessible through Epic, this tool also helps clinicians to better communicate with their patients.

Initially, the TIC was tasked by the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence to build a tool to track…

A Johns Hopkins start-up leverages the TIC to improve usability of its complex radiation delivery planning technology.

A laptop showcasing the web interface design

Oncospace is a Johns Hopkins-based, data-driven radiation oncology software start-up that builds radiation treatment planning tools based on artificial intelligence and clinical experience.

Radiation oncology treatment planning — or deciding the precise dose and angles for radiation delivery to targeted areas (while avoiding others) —
is detailed and complex. The…

The Technology Innovation Center (TIC) partnered with several teams and developed technologies allowing clinical visits and rounding to continue, while keeping all involved parties as safe as possible.

Virtual Patient Rounds

Physicians attending patient rounds at Maryland and Washington, D.C. Johns Hopkins hospitals can do so virtually to limit COVID-19 exposure. MyChart Bedside, implemented at Johns Hopkins prior to the pandemic, provides admitted patients with an iPad that includes a patient-facing electronic medical record solution. To initiate virtual visits through MyChart…

Director Dwight Raum and Deputy Director Paul Nagy describe how the Technology Innovation Center innovated during an extraordinary year.

Headshots of leadership on a zoom call.

The Technology Innovation Center (TIC) was founded to develop new Health IT solutions in partnership with clinical leaders, and deploy new technology across our health system. Over the past 5 years, we have completed dozens of projects, gaining expertise on how to help clinicians create usable solutions integrated seamlessly into…

The Johns Hopkins accelerator pivots its closing event to a virtual setting and draws nearly 200 attendees.

The Johns Hopkins medical software accelerator program, Hexcite, empowers clinicians with the resources they need to bring entrepreneurialism to their workspace. Healthcare workers often face unique challenges that vary from clinic to clinic, making the ‘one size fits all’ approach unsuccessful when it comes to digital health solutions.


A kidney cancer surveillance dashboard gives patients a comprehensive snapshot of their disease.

Dr. Phillip Pierorazio, Associate Professor of Urology and Oncology for the Brady Urological Institute, says there are 10–15% of kidney cancer patients who choose monitoring over immediate surgical intervention.

He hopes to raise this number by showing patients who are eligible for active surveillance — or clinical monitoring provided…

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