Updating Resources for IT@JH Customers and Employees

The new IT@JH website contains information about leadership, careers, governance, help and support, and services.

The IT@JH website was originally developed as a resource for customers and technical users. The site contained a plethora of content that had not been updated for several years. It was difficult to navigate and find information quickly. The content was refreshed periodically, but it was too big a job for one person to manage so much disparate information with many content owners.

IT@JH leadership engaged the help of the TIC and the Solutions Center to completely redesign the look, feel, and organization of the IT@JH website.

Laptop screen displaying Information Technology at Johns Hopkins website home page

The team worked together to inventory the site and determine whether content needed to appear in a new site, move into the ServiceNow (help desk platform) service catalogue, or be deleted. The TIC engaged IT Directors to confirm what pages were important to update and move. The team then moved many service-oriented pages over to the secure service catalogue.

Simultaneously, the TIC created new website designs with a more modern look and feel. The design team focused on ease of navigation, scalability, and reflecting the IT and enterprise brands. The site was divided into six areas: About, Careers, Governance Committees/IT Policies, Help & Support, Security, and Services.

“Our security content appeared in multiple locations across the old IT@JH website. Now, all our key information is organized in one central place, and users can authenticate to view the resources and policies that we do not have publicly available.”
— Darren Lacey, Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, IT@JH

Security page of IT at Johns Hopkins website displaying tiles linked to multiple security-related topics

A completely redesigned Careers page displays open positions in an easy-to-read format. It includes sorting by date posted, position location, and employer (JHU or JHHS).

The new Services page houses most of the site’s content within 12 categories:

  • Academic Technologies
  • Authentication
  • Cloud Services
  • Collaboration Tools & Messaging
  • Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS)/SAP & Finance
  • Health IT
  • Mobile Devices & Technology
  • Networking/Getting Connected
  • Security
  • Solution Center
  • Technology Innovation Center
  • Precision Medicine

“Our security page is now better organized, clearer, and more user-friendly, while its format matches the rest of IT. It is a clean, modern approach to design, and we are pleased with the structure and content.”
— Darren Lacey

A major goal of this project was to simplify the site. The site’s organization and new search feature help users to quickly find the information they need. It’s also built to be scalable — as new IT products and services are offered, the site will support additional help content to serve all Johns Hopkins affiliates in fulfilling their work and study goals through technology.



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