Letter from Leadership

  • Providing health management of all who work and study at Johns Hopkins: the Prodensity app continued providing health checks (avg. 29,443/day in 2021) and testing/vaccine management for every employee and student arriving on campus
  • Verifying vaccinations for community health: designed and built the Vaccine Management System (verified 84,765 COVID vaccinations and exceptions) to empower occupational health teams with overseeing vaccine safety measures
  • Keeping care continuous, even remotely: a TIC-built and managed tool generated over 200,000 short links sent out to patients for telehealth appointments in 2021
  • Ensuring patients can safely attend in-person appointments: the patient health screening app built in collaboration with the Health IT team allowed 1.25 million patients to arrive at appointments in 2021
  • Deploying a predictor for severe COVID risk, bedside: supported studies that helped shepherd the Severe COVID-19 adaptive risk predictor (SCARP) score to the bedside for over 10,000 COVID-positive patients through deployment in our electronic medical record (EMR) system
  • Assisting with COVID case management: implemented case management and connectivity technology for the Johns Hopkins COVID Call Center which oversaw 487,000 faculty, staff, and student tests, identifying more than 52,500 cases in 2021
  • Accelerating biomedical discovery: rapidly deployed EMR and imaging data on our secure Precision Medicine platform to 50 separate IRB-approved COVID research projects
  • Making JHU COVID tests and positive cases transparent: built a COVID dashboard with visualizations to surface the results of over 217,000 cumulative student tests and positive case information
  • Designing mental health services for employers: redesigned a mental health service application to assist employers beyond Johns Hopkins



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